The FWBO — a Community in Transition


This survey of the FWBO is divided into two parts and six sections:


Fourteen years ago, on an Order Convention at Stonyhurst College, I gave a talk in which I outlined some of the challenges I believed the F/WBO would face in the coming decades. I offered some predictions and observations, focusing on six areas: the size and composition of the Order and movement, the economic environment, ideological shifts, the biological clock, the changing Buddhist world, and the inevitable prospect of Sangharakshita's eventual withdrawal from his leadership role in the F/WBO – and ultimately, indeed, of his death.

I called my talk Living in Interesting Times (though it is catalogued by Dharmachakra Tapes under the title Signs of the Times). My title was an allusion to the ancient Chinese curse: ‘May you live in interesting times.'

Last November, at a weekend event for those men who were personally ordained by Sangharakshita, I revisited that talk and commented again on the challenges and opportunities facing us, taking the same six areas of concern as reference points. Although my talk was really just a chat, a series of starting points for further reflection, I�’ve been asked to rehearse some of its content in the pages of Madhyamavani in the hope that it will stimulate thought and discussion. I have quite a bit to say, so in the current issue, I�’ll deal with the first three areas, and treat the remaining three in Part II;.

This article orignally saw print as Living in Interesting Times Part I

Nagabodhi reflects on his relationship with Sangharakshita as a teacher in issue 26 of Dharma Life magazine