Article summaries

A collection of articles on Buddhism and Budddhist practice from senior members of the Western Buddhist Order (WBO). We look at the question of power and authority in the FWBO; change and development in the history of the FWBO; and spiritual death — seeing beyond habitual experience.

The Future of the Order and Movement


The Western Buddhist Order is a free association of individuals, and therefore is self-governing. Can such a body really have a ‘Head’ If — as Subhuti has come to believe — the answer to that question is ‘no’ how can that fact be reconciled with the need for unity and the maintenance of common standards?

Living in Interesting Times Part I


This article has been collated with Living in Interesting Times Part II and republished as The FWBO — a Community in Transition in our Mezzanine Section

Spiritual Rebirth


...Spiritual rebirth is what we all really want, in our heart of hearts. I think our passion, our deepest longings, have more to do with that than with the substitutes we generally pursue...� Still fresh from the effects of an eighteen-month solitary retreat, Kamalashila spoke to an audience of Western Buddhist Order members on the subject of what comes after spiritual death.

Please note that many articles on this site were a product of their times. The FWBO is very much a growing and developing tradition; some of the institutions, offices and practices referred to will have matured, changed or been abandoned subsequent to publication.