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New and updated writing by members of the Preceptors College of the Western Buudhist Order

The FWBO — a Community in Transition


The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO) has grown rapidly since it’s founding in 1968. But this growth has brought its own challenges, as have the changing times in which the FWBO finds itself.

Open-minded and honest in tone, this article will make fascinating reading for those interested in the history of the FWBO, and in Buddhism in the West. It provides a revealing case history of how a new religious movement grows and learns from its successes and from its mistakes. It is relevant to anyone wanting to understand how the FWBO is trying to create a form of Buddhism alive and relevant to people in the 21st century.

What emerges is a picture of the FWBO as a living, organically growing, spiritual community learning from its past and facing up to the challenges of the future.

This article was originally published as Living in Interesting Times part I and Living in Interesting Times part II

College Meeting November 2006


in November 2006, 19 members of the FWBO’s Ccollege of Public Preceptors met at Tiratanaloka for 10 days. Parami presents her notes from their meetings and recorded in some detail things that she thought might be of general interest. The College wanted to do more to keep other Order members and Mitras informed about their twice-yearly meetings, hence this summary.

Please note that many articles on this site were a product of their times. The FWBO is very much a growing and developing tradition; some of the institutions, offices and practices referred to will have matured, changed or been abandoned subsequent to publication.