Article summaries

A collection of articles on Buddhism and Budddhist practice from senior members of the Western Buddhist Order (WBO). This issue features two interviews with WBO Public Preceptors and two pieces by Subhuti; one on spiritual freedom within the FWBO and another on his activities on behlaf of the FWBO/TBMSG in India.

How I became Suvajra

Interview by Subhamati

Suvajra was one of the first Order members to whom Sangharakshita handed on responsibility for ordinations. He is currently based mainly in India, working with the men’s ordination team there. However, during a visit to the UK in the spring of this year, he accepted Madhyamavani’s invitation to reminisce about his personal journey into the Western Buddhist Order.

Freedom in the Order


Subhuti discusses the concept of freedom and how it relates to the Order and movement.

A Buddhist and his Dad


Surata lives and works at Padmaloka, the FWBO retreat centre which focuses on preparing men for Ordination into the Western Buddhist Order. He celebrates what he and his father have learned from one another.

Notebook: Winter and Spring 2002

Sangharakshita with Subhamati

The present edition of Madhyamavani sees the first installment of this new feature, which replaces the Sangharakshita Diary. The text of the Notebook is recorded in an interview with Bhante, and an edited version is then produced under his supervision. we hope this first-person format will allow reader to share more fully in Bhante's current thoughts and experiences.

From and Indian Diary


For the last few fears, I’ve been visiting India four about three months per year to help in the development of our movement there.... Subhuti’s travel writing covering the winter of 2001.

Please note that many articles on this site were a product of their times. The FWBO is very much a growing and developing tradition; some of the institutions, offices and practices referred to will have matured, changed or been abandoned subsequent to publication.