Article summaries

A collection of articles on Buddhism and Budddhist practice from senior members of the Western Buddhist Order (WBO).

Awake to the Cries of the World


How do we as Buddhists respond to the suffering in the world? How do we actively communicate the Dharma to the world at large? Subhuti outlines four ways in which members of the FWBO can collectively contribute, in tangible ways, to alleviating the suffering all around us.

A Good Buddhist and a Good Daughter


Dhammadina became a Public Preceptor early in 1998. Almost simultaneously she began to offer increasing levels of care to her mother who died, aged 87, in 2001. How did she manage two weighty responsibilities — being a Public Preceptor and carer — whilst doing justice to both?

On Manhood


Devamitra considers the kinds of conditioning that come with a male human body and what bearing these qualities have on leading the spiritual life. He questions whether 'manhood' is something men simply acquire by achieving a given age and what significance this type of discourse still has for men aspiring to the Bodhisattva Ideal.

A Glimpse Inside the Tavern of Ruin


Padmavajra introduces the symbolic realm of Persian Sufi poetry.

Sangharakshita Diary


Bhante's activities from January to June 2001.

The Sangharakshita Library Project


Subhuti outlines a proposal to purchase property for a Sangharakshita Memorial Library.

Please note that many articles on this site were a product of their times. The FWBO is very much a growing and developing tradition; some of the institutions, offices and practices referred to will have matured, changed or been abandoned subsequent to publication.